Private Services List & Fees

Fees Payable By Patients

Medical Examinations


Full Medical Examination and Report

Fitness to drive for insurance purposes (e.g. Elderly or racing driver)Sports Fitness/Fitness to participate in event
Full Medical Examination with report and opinions
Power of Attorney (examination & certificate) (at doctors discretion)
Legal aid report  £170.00
Accident &/or Sickness Insurance Medical Examination
Includes Loan, Income and Mortgage Protection

Certificates, Forms & Reports


Copies of insurance medical reports
(Requested by patient)
 £10.00 access fee + 50p per page
ECG copy  £20.00
Freedom from infection certificate  £30-£40 (Doctors Discretion)
Claim Forms
Gym membership cancellation
Holiday insurance cancellation
Housing benefits report
Life/Health insurance claims forms (BUPA, PPP etc.)
Police witness report
School fees insurance form
Slimming club/health club certificate / questionnaires etc.
Public Carriage office form  £110.00
Solicitors report (p/h)  £200.00



Any simple letter to support Non–NHS information
(e.g. fitness to fly. To whom it may concern, housing, social services etc.)
Complex letter requiring extracts from medical records  £60.00
Photocopying charges  50p per sheet
Private prescription for travel aboard  £15.00
Other private extracts from notes  £70.00

Access to Medical Records


Viewing records only – no copies required
(If records have been added to in the last 40 days, viewing is free)
 Copies of health records required  Fee
 Records held only on computer  50p per sheet (£50 max)
 Records held part on computer and part manually (paper)   50p per sheet (£50 max)
 Records held manually (paper)   50p per sheet (£50 max)

Private consultations and tests


Private appointment with doctor £80.00 for 15 min appointment

£150.00 for 30 min appointment

Private appointment with nurse  £25.00 per 10 minutes

£40.00 per 20 minutes

Any tests required (fee is in addition to private consultation fee)  Variable depending on test required



Fees Payable by Other Authority/Organisation

Insurance Medical Reports / DVLA


Insurance General Practitioners report  £140.00
Insurance Company – supplementary reports  £70.00
DVLA Report (Series II pro-forma)

VOC certificate

Copy of visual fields

VOC resting ECG





Solicitors – Forms & Reports / Copies of Medical Records


Copies of medical records – as per access to medical records  £50.00
Letter providing information from patient records
(Fee depending on complexity of letter)

Local Authority


Lecture Fees  £120.00
Adoption medical  £84.00

Department of Works and Pensions (DWP)


Disability living allowance forms

DSA 1550 forms